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She is not Jayalalithaa’s Secret Daughter

The picture of a woman, said to be ‘secret child’ of Jayalalithaa has become the most watched in the Facebook and Whatsapp. They even created and story saying that she is staying in the foreign country and soon she would come to Tamilnadu and even sit in the Chief Minister post. Picture of the woman had some resemblences of Jayalalitha so every body thought that it may be true. Some of them even believed. But this is not the first time discussion on this photo. When Jayalalitha went to the prison in 2014 from them on there was lot of discussion on this picture. Popular singer Chinmayi Sripada rubbished the story and disclosed her identity through her Facebook post. She said that the woman, identified as Divya Ramanathan Veeraraghavan, lives with her husband in Australia, who comes from an “illustrious family of classical musicians.” “I received these photographs attached with ridiculous ‘news’. The couple in the photograph are known to my family and they belong to an illustrious family of classical musicians. This rumour has been propagated long enough for even Google image search to return with similar results. Like they say, repeat a lie long enough and it becomes ‘truth’. Please, please stop sharing ridiculous ‘news stories’ created clearly as a figment of the imagination of an unstable mind. She belongs to the family of renowned Mridangam Vidwan V Balaji. Incidentally, the picture surfaced few years ago, but the family didn’t complain thinking the rumour would come to an end itself. However the picture went viral after the demise of Jayalalithaa.